Roman blinds for a conservatory extension.

Roman Blinds
on Thu 9 Apr

Roman blinds for a conservatory extension.

In October I made 6 roman blinds for the conservatory extension of a lovely Victorian home of an old friend.

This may not sound daunting at first as she and I have known each other for many years and she is a truly lovely person, however if I then tell you that she is also an internationally known bridal couture royal wedding dress designer then you will understand why I quaked in my proverbial boots, when I accepted the challenge to make 6 hand-made roman blinds. Sassi had chosen a subdued, yet densely patterned fabric. Four of the blinds needed have two joins down either side to make them wider.

My OCD for attention to detail almost got the better of me several times during the process, however to see her dance on the spot, clapping her hands in delight with the finished hung result was worth every single ‘stressy’ moment.

Needless to say she has ordered more blinds for her spare bedrooms.

Love my job!

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